Beauty salon Panacea

A real gem of the Lomanini design bureau was the development of a commercial project for the Panacea beauty salon. The main task was to create a gentle and feminine space in which each client will feel like the main character of a real fairy tale with a happy ending.

We took the features of the neoclassical style with all its sophistication and elegance as a basis. The basic color palette consists of warm pastel shades that fantastically reflect light and make the surrounding space airy and weightless. Pastels look especially complementary in tandem with transparent glass lamps and gold inserts in the interior decor.

When arranging the treatment rooms, we tried to move away from the "hospital" atmosphere as much as possible. It was extremely important to the client that the atmosphere in the salon evoked only pleasant feelings in the association.

That's why massive accent curtains replaced the traditional roller shutters and blinds that are typical for commercial facilities.

To maintain the luxury and respectability of the interior, we decorated the walls with restrained symmetrical moldings. The furniture was chosen in white and decorated with accent gold fittings.

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