Apartments in Avalon residential complex

Beauty and sophistication, a sense of comfort and style - you will find all this in this impressive project by Lomanini. The photos of this apartment will undoubtedly capture your eyes and inspire you to create the space of your dreams.

Our customised designer furniture is created with the highest quality and care to every detail to satisfy even the most demanding customer. We work carefully on each project to create a unique style that reflects the personality of each customer.

This space with minimalist tones and accents of colour by Lomanini is a perfect example of how we managed to combine the kitchen, dining area and living room in one space, creating an impressive result.

Every element of this project has been designed with the utmost attention to detail - blum tip-on fittings make it easy to open doors, Alvic Evora facades with PUR edging add elegance and luxury to the furniture, and Egger cabinetry ensures reliability and durability.

Thanks to our professional team, every project we create is a unique masterpiece that exceeds all our clients' expectations. Let Lomanini transform your space into a masterpiece and bring your best ideas and fantasies to life.

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