The ideal kitchen is beautiful, functional, easy to clean, and makes you want to gather with your family to enjoy each other’s presence and discuss the news. Today we will share tips from professionals on how to choose a kitchen from the variety of options on offer.

1. Determine for what purpose you need the kitchen in the first place: whether you need it just to have a cup of coffee in the morning or whether you cook a lot for the whole family. What is the size of the kitchen, the composition and age of the household?

2. What “problems” does your kitchen have: a small area, protrusions on the walls, niches, a dark room? Would you like to install a sofa in the kitchen, organize a workplace, or add a loggia to increase the area?

3. Only after answering these questions can you start choosing the options you like: on the Internet in various forums, groups, stores, meeting with consultants from kitchen manufacturers.

4. Choose trusted manufacturers – those who have been on the market for several years, perhaps your friends will share the contacts of the company you like. Do not be lazy to collect all possible information about the company, read reviews of other people and carefully read the contract when concluding it.

5. Be sure to draw up a design project; you can do this either independently with the help of special programs or completely trust the designers of the chosen company. In the second case, the specialist should ask you many clarifying questions, offer several options for your consideration – in this case, you can count on a high-quality result.

6. Consider new planning solutions, even if they seem unusual at first glance, for example, the location of the sink under the window.

7. Make the kitchen “for yourself” – this means that first of all, you should be comfortable and comfortable cooking and doing housework in it. If you are tall, then the height of the countertop should be at a level that is convenient for you.

8. Do not save on accessories, changing them because of a breakdown means denying yourself the comfortable use of high-quality modern materials, because the drawers are opened more than once during the day, and the closers perform a smooth stroke, which protects, among other things, from injuries.

9. Think through everything to the smallest detail, as you know, they make up the whole picture: the location of household appliances, sockets and their number, lamps and the height of the cabinets. Speaking of the latter, the best solution is to make a kitchen under the ceiling, it allows you to get additional space for placing all the things and looks neat and stylish.

10. Do not neglect the help of a designer, because often we are not able to perfectly solve all the problems that kitchen renovation and such a responsible business as buying a kitchen set present to us.