What techniques can be used to create a functional and beautiful space in the hallway? Where to start and what to pay special attention to?

Not all hallways are spacious, have the right shape, and perfectly flat walls. Sometimes it is necessary to contact a specialist who will help you organize storage properly, arrange furniture in such a way that all the flaws are hidden and small square meters are not conspicuous. However, by following our recommendations, you can arrange your hallway on your own.

We create a design project (on paper, computer, using special programs). Before that, we take the exact dimensions of the room. Decide on the type of furniture. First, choose a large-sized one – will it be a built-in wardrobe, a wardrobe in a niche, a locker room, a shelving unit? Decide on the way to open the doors. Then you can think about medium-sized furniture. Do you need a cabinet? A bench? A pouf?

Tip: even in the smallest hallway, it is better to provide a place to sit so that it is convenient to put on shoes.

Choose a style. It should match the style of the other rooms. The color scheme also depends on the chosen style, there are recommended colors that are most suitable for everyone.

Hanging furniture looks lighter and airy, and does not complicate cleaning. The general rule is that the smaller the hallway, the more compact the furniture should be. An interesting technique is furniture in the color of the walls also makes the space less cluttered.

Do not overdo it with the decor. However, an individual style is welcome – family portraits, posters, paintings, a slate wall for notes, etc.